Shine&Fine Glitter tattoo products and brand was invented and developed by new, creative team, going together with nowadays fashion and beauty trends.

Shine&Fine Glitter tattoo is new, modern line in accessories world - body shiny tattoos.

This direction still is on development and promotion stage, which attract not only with temporary content but as well as with feeling of festive feeling.


You can admire for hours unique lines shapes of Shine&Fine Glitter tattoos. They are unique in their varies and fullness. Glitter tattoo is blinking, charm in mysterious way with its luxury.


In Shine&Fine Glitter tattoo collection is available wide color palette, allows to make colorful and gig paintings on the body, which you can combined with real tattoos or henna tattoos, making shining elements.

Glitter tattoos looks very beautiful with crystals, making the painting more luxury.


Making tattoos with glitters you don't need accuracy, which is needed when you make real tattoos or henna tattoos.

Temporary glitters and shiny glitter palette allows professionals and amateurs to use original paintings and stile, which is suitable for different situations. Bright and stylish trimmings, ideal for party's, presentations, beach party's, night clubs, as well as, for stage image.

Huge popularity glitter tattoos became popular in bikini design.


With Shine&Fine tattoos You can dive in artistic wave and charm. Learn glitter tattoo art technology you will find for yourself a fine way how to have a good mood.

Shine&Fine Glitter tattoo - it's a special weapon to hide undesirable places on the skin. With beautiful butterfly or flower, you can make your scar invisible and feel free in the same time.


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